S o yes, I am a doctor and I love talking about health and wellness. But there are so many other aspects of my life that I usually don’t share unless you follow me on IG and see my stories.  (@doctor.vero)

Aside from working out, eating healthy, and spending time with the people I care about, I love dressing nice and wearing matching accessories.

My favorite accessories are watches, sunglasses and necklaces.  I of course love rings, but I usually wear the same ones all the time since they have a huge sentimental value. Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

I am also quite attached to a few watches so I rotate between them maybe once or twice a year.  On occasion! I wear some beautiful watches that are more delicate, intricate, and make me want to match it. With my clothing and other accessories.

The newest addition to my watch collection is the JORD wood watch, Cora.  The day I received this watch, I was taken aback by its packaging! Yes! From its arrival, its presentation had me holding my breath.  Then, I opened the box and Voila!

This watch has natural colors and earthy tones, so its a great addition to your fall look, but I would definitely extended it to all seasons! Its color allows you to match it with any outfit, long or short sleeves, jeans or dress or shorts. Whatever your tastes, don’t be afraid to role up those sleeves if you have them and flaunt your JORD.

My JORD is spectacular! 

The face of the watch is turquoise, and even the crystal glass is sapphire! The band is made entirely of zebrawood.. That’s right! Only wood! Just look at those colors!  Now, I myself love jewels! And this watch actually has Swarovski crystal markers, which I love!  If there is any watch has a way into a girls heart; it’s this one.  Now, it is definitely a watch that needs extra attention and care.  It is pure wood, and so it’s affected by weather.  Luckily, unlike other things in life without instruction, this watch tells you exactly what it needs.

 It comes with a set of steps to take on the minute you receive your watch.  

There is special oil you must coat the wood in twice a year to protect it. It’s a watch to show off for sure! Not to shower in. This watch, like a cat, hates water! A little rain is okay, but do not shower with it! It will be very upset, the wood will absorb the moisture and you will kill your poor JORD! Poof.

Now I know, if you’re anything like me, you will click on the link below and find more info like pricing on this amazing JORD!   And before you do that, I want to give you a little present!

Follow me on IG (@doctor.vero) and use the link in my bio to join my giveaway! It ends October 22nd at 11:59pm.  The winner of the give away will receive $100 towards any JORD of their choice, but don’t be sad! There is also a $25 code.  Both

 codes expire December 31st, 2017.  So don’t wait!! Get started with your JORD and I hope you enjoy matching this magnificent piece of jewelry as much as I do! 

Below are other ways to enter this awesome giveaway!


Here’s a link directly to my JORD Cora


But if you want to browse them all, here is the homepage. Enjoy!      http://www.woodwatches.com/#preservescottsdalesfuture




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